Applying to University of Dian Nuswantoro

Step-by-step guide to apply study at University of Dian Nuswantoro


PMDK is the path for the acceptance of new students to courses WITHOUT TEST for undergraduate (S-1) and the Diploma Programme (D-IV). Selection is based on academic and non-academic achievements of students indicated by grades and achievement certificate.

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Regular registration

is the path for the acceptance of new students to undergraduate level (S-1), Vocational Program (D3), and a Diploma 4 through academic potential test that will be held independently or collectively.

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Equation Program

The results recognition for who have passed vocational program or move over either of UDINUS studies or from outside UDINUS.

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How to Apply

1.Select yout Admission

University of Dian Nuswantoro applies 3 (three) admission processes which are; PMDK, Regular , and Equation Program

2. Choose you Program

Find the essential information you need to choose the right degree that will connect your passions, your talents, and your career.

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3. Apply and Register Online

Apply yourself through online registration form to connect faster to University of Dian Nuswantoro. Click button Apply & Register Now below and begin apply yourself to University Dian Nuswantoro.

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Kantor Biro Admisi Universitas Dian Nuswantoro beralamat di Jl. Nakula I No. 5-11 Semarang
Telp : 024-356-8491
Contact Person :
Andi Hallang (08995782290)
Jaka Prasetya (081325739811)
Lilis (085642975966)

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Dian Nuswantoro University

Main Campus : 207 Imam Bonjol Street || (+6224) 3517261
Other Campus : 5-11 Nakula I Street || (+6224) 3520165
Fax. (+6224) 3569684 || Semarang 50131 Indonesia
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