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To meet the public needs for qualified human resources in the globalization era, Faculty of Humanities has conducted various programs to produce graduates who master in foreign languages, English and Japanese. Language is the key to the world, and, therefore, this becomes the motivation for students of Faculty of Humanities to learn seriously and think scientifically.

Faculty of Humanities is an institution which is committed to delivering education for the advancement of science and humanities. It is expected to always strive for excellent feedback from the stakeholders. Every now and then, the course materials have profoundly been adjusted to current qualifications required by the job markets. Besides, new graduates are designed to get their first job or to run their own businesses in a relatively short time. Since the earth never stops evolving, the faculty never stops searching for more knowledge as well. It is believed that it is not wise to live on our own and by ourselves. To go further, we need to interact more with others. Based on this true belief, Faculty of Humanities has cooperated with prominent domestic universities as well as distinguished overseas university to develop ahead. In the light of multiply various benefits, we have then decided to implement the academic programs under Memorandum of Understanding. This is intended simply to upgrade the quality of our human resources and our researches, so that our faculty students will in the long run manage to participate and succeed globally in the world competitions.

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  • IT & Multimedia based lecture room
  • Digital Language Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Self Access Center
  • Washitsu
  • Center for Foreign Language Training (CFLT)
  • Indonesian Language and Cultural Service
  • Guest/Native Speaker



Being a qualified faculty in the field of language and literature are based on information technology and entrepreneurship


  • Competency-based education in accordance with the dynamic needs of science and society
  • Organized a program to improve the quality of the academic community on an ongoing basis to support tri dharma college
  • Establishing institutional cooperation with various institutions to development and empowerment of the Faculty
  • Implementation of the relevant business line involving academicians


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