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Dian Nuswantoro University (Dinus University) tuition fees is really affordable cost, so the cost can accessible to all students from various economic backgrounds. The tuition fees will be used by the university as much as possible to support the educational facilities and all of student activities. It aims to support high quality learning activities.

Tuition fees consist of 3 types, there are:


Money Contribution for Institutional Development (Uang Sumbangan Pengembangan Institusi) : USPI is the money that paid when the student accepted into university with different amount for each study program. For students who have achievement will get a discount based on terms and conditions.


The tuition fees for credits semester (SKS) : a semester credit system, the number of credits taken by students with maximum credits is 24 sks. The amount of payment is based on the number of credits taken at the semester.


The tuition fees for education coaching (SPP) : is payments paid by students in each semester.

Dinus University will provide fee waivers for all students based on the applicable requirements and regulations. It was expected to help the students education costs.
For tuition fees details of registration, please kindly check on this :

Tuition Fees Details

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